Living Well Counselling & Supervision

Creative workshops to address eco-anxiety

Eco-anxiety (feelings of stress, sadness or frustration when considering the state of the planet) is growing amongst Australians. The Climate Council states that 75% of Australiansof voting age are worried about climate change.

Concern for our planet is an appropriate and healthy response to real-life disasters, expert warnings and insufficient action. For example, the 2022 IPCC report declares that carbon emissions are rising, countries are off track in delivering their climate pledges and that current commitments aren’t enough to keep temperatures below critical thresholds.However, if you are feeling overwhelmed and your mental health is suffering, it is important to address it.

I am offering group therapy for people experiencing eco-anxiety to facilitate connection, compassion, and a creative approach to engaging in sustainable action. It is designed to support your mental health and the health of our planet.

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