Living Well Counselling & Supervision

From Anxiety, Depression or Stress to Wellbeing

Anxiety and depression are common in our fast-paced, problem-riven world. Seeking support for your mental health is a sign of strength and a positive first step. With effective treatment, most people recover from anxiety and depression.

I will listen to your unique story and work with you to:

  • Validate your feelings
  • Slow things down
  • Move from self-criticism to self-compassion
  • Become aware of your needs and take steps to meet them
  • Identify your values and strengths
  • Create and strengthen supportive connections.


We live in stressful times and many of us have demanding jobs, financial obligations and relationships.

These pressures can lead us to take shortcuts with our wellbeing. We may neglect to care for ourselves, revert to unhealthy habits, and our self-esteem and joy in life can diminish.  

I will work with you to develop self-compassion and strengthen your commitment to yourself and positive change, be it healthy
lifestyle, setting firmer work and relationship boundaries, or other goals.

I can lead you in meditation and self-compassion exercises to quieten your mind and open your heart.

Self Compassion is the art of:

  • Becoming aware of your suffering, whether emotional, mental or physical
  • Nurturing yourself, rather than blaming yourself
  • Attending to hurt with kindness and care
  • Discerning whether to accept the suffering or draw on your strength and courage to address the source.

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