Living Well Counselling & Supervision

Grief & Loss

One of the most significant traumas that we human beings face is the loss of a loved one.

Although grief is a natural response to loss, the pain you experience can feel unbearable.

Sometimes the people around you may not understand what you are going through.

Speaking to me can help you articulate what is happening for you in a safe and compassionate space. I will support you to honour your loved one and your relationship with them, and find meaning and integration that can sustain you in your loss.

Perinatal Loss

The death of a baby can be devastating. Regardless of the gestation of your baby or the circumstances of the loss, the impact can be overwhelming for bereaved parents, siblings and extended families.

While grief is a normal response to your deep attachment to your baby, it may feel confusing or incapacitating.

I can support you by:

  • listening to your experience, feelings and the impact on your relationships and work
  • encouraging you to grieve and heal at your own pace
  • helping you integrate this experience into your life and identity whilst treasuring your baby’s memory.

Cancer Journey – for clients and families

A cancer diagnosis affects more than just your physical health. It can cause distress and concerns for the future and may call your self-image, beliefs and peace of mind into question.

Some people say that having cancer takes them on a journey involving loss and change that can be very difficult to cope with.

I can help you process the issues and emotions you experience along the way, and explore resources that can support you, including mindfulness and self-compassion.

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